Sage Oil Vac
360° Blade Access Platform
360° Blade Access Platform
360° Blade Access Platform
360° Blade Access Platform
360° Blade Access Platform
360° Blade Access Platform
360° Blade Access Platform
360° Blade Access Platform
360° Blade Access Platform

SC WIND FARM SERVICE SRL is a privately held company with 100% Romanian capital set up in the year 2011. Our company main scope is to provide high quality services in windmill maintenance, such as cleaning and maintenance operational tasks.

The advantages of the cooperation with our company consist in working with: a young, dynamic team, with professional expertise in the field, responding promptly to any request.

Our services have a detachment point in Romania and most of our clients such as General Electric, Vestas and Gamesa are great companies on a local and international level. Our employees have followed specialized trainings and courses in the activity domain of the company.

This is why SC WIND FARM SERVICE SRL, an independent service provider (ISP), is now able to offer you specialized services in washing the components on site-prior to the erection sequence, corrosion removing and paint repairs for the windmill sections (being HEMPEL trained), the repair services for damaged nacelles and hubs (made from epoxy and/or fiber glass), service lift (Power Climber and Hailo) including legal authorization for elevators in Romania and also the mold prevention solutions that are to be applied on the WTG sections prior the construction and also during its existence.

For a quick rigging and easily portable, we use 2M Platform that is designed to provide quick temporary access for inspections of the wind blades and wind towers. These platform is easy to assemble and can be configured into a work cage, which makes the temporary access inspection platform essential.

For easy exterior access to the blades of the wind turbines, we use our Blade Maintenance Platforms to assist us in the inspections, maintenance and especially for repairing, making the job easier and more cost effective.

Platforms are engineered systems that are customized to individual blade geometries. The Blade Maintenance Platforms reduce the use of expensive cranes and save time on required maintenance by offering optimum working positions, which give 360-degree access to blade surfaces. With state of the art operating controls, the blade maintenance platform is able to adjust mid-air to various blade sizes as it moves along the length of the blade.

All the members of our team are trained and qualified to work on heights.

From 2013 we have started our branch activity for changing the oil of the gearboxes of the wind turbines with our new equipment Sage Oil Vac.

This equipment is a trailer-mounted mobile oil change system that can be operated from the ground. This systems use a patented vacuum system to evacuate oil. A fluid pump is used to deliver fresh oil to the gear box. The enclosed system eliminates heavy lifting of buckets and reduces mess and spills.

We are committed to bringing efficiency and responsibility to wind industries through our service maintenance.

Certificare a sistemelor de management

Wind Farm Service - certificare a sistemulor de management

In urma verificarilor efectuate de CERTIND, organism acreditat, WIND FARM SERVICE a obtinut certificarea sistemelor de management in domeniile

  • Sisteme de Management al Calitatii – ISO 9001
  • Sisteme de Management de Mediu – ISO 14001
  • Sisteme de Management al Sanatatii si Securitatii Ocupationale – OHSAS 18001
  • Sisteme de Management al Securitatii Informatiei – ISO / IEC 27001

CERTIND detine acreditari din partea Organismului National de Acreditare din Romania – RENAR atat pentru certificarea sistemelor de management cat si pentru certificarea conformitatii produselor.

CERTIND este acreditat de catre RENAR si recunoscut de catre Ministerului Agriculturii si Dezvoltarii Rurale ca si organism de inspectie si certificare a conformitatii indicatiilor geografice si denumirilor de origine ale produselor fiind astfel in masura sa emita certificari D.O.P. (Denumire de Origine Protejata) si I.G.P. (Indicatia Geografica Protejata).